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"I certainly came up in an era where women were really making strides and making a point to beat down doors and find their place, and crash through the glass ceiling. And a lot of them did that believing that they had to trade on their femininity and that they had to be a man and tap into whatever they believed was a masculine trait to hang in the boys’ room, to get the "keys to the kingdom" as it were. And what’s beautiful about Jessica Pearson is that she is the next level to that when, really, feminism is about being all that you are and not having to trade one thing for another on your way up, or apologize." - Gina Torres (about her character Jessica Pearson, on Suits)

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@marvel Flattery will get you nowhere! Probably. Maybe. *looks the other way* 

You guys. Mark Rufflo. I literally - I can’t. Can I just go work with him and hug him and keep him forever to cheer me up when I’m sad?

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In case y’all didn’t know, markspants is a major dork but yeah, she’s pretty awesome.

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"There are three things you must ask yourself before you say anything…"

Wisdom with a Scottish accent.

As you interact with actors, directors, designers or staff, remember this!

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